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hibbett sports

Welcome to Hibbett Sports where we love sports more than just the competition.Offering the newest in athletic wear footwear and sports accessories.We’re more than just a store we’re your one-stop shop for all things sports related.

The Distinction Between Hibbett

At Hibbett Sports we think that a customized shopping experience is important.Our friendly staff is always available to assist you in finding the ideal match for your sport and fashion sense.

Shoes for Victory

Explore our vast assortment of sports footwear.We offer the ideal pair to improve your performance whether you’re hitting the court or the track.

Clothes that Work

Our selection of sportswear blends practicality, style and comfort.We have everything you need including compression clothing and moisture-wicking shirts.

Add-ons to Up Your Game

Accessories can make or break your game.Examine our assortment of training aids protective gear and sports bags that will help you stay one step ahead.

Technology and instruction

With the help of our technological devices and training aids stay ahead of the curve.Take advantage of the newest advancements in sports technology to monitor your development and challenge yourself.

Local and Occasions

Become a part of the Hibbett community to learn about upcoming regional sporting events partnerships and events.We’re a team not just a store.

In summary

For people who are passionate about sports.Hibbett Sports is more than just a store.We are committed to igniting your passion and assisting you in reaching greatness through our exceptional selection knowledgeable counsel and community involvement.


What brands is Hibbett Sports carrying?

We stock every major brand including Under Armour, Adidas, Nike and more.

Does Hibbett Sports offer any community initiatives?

In order to assist our community we do take an active part in local sporting activities and sponsorships.

Can I purchase items from Hibbett Sports online?

Definitely! For a flawless online buying experience with delivery options that fit your needs visit our website.


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