At, we’re dedicated to upholding our visitors’ and partners’ confidence. The rules and regulations for any advertisement that appears on our platform are described in this advertisement policy.

Scope All advertising content on, including but not limited to banners, sponsored content, and promotional links, is subject to this policy.

Ethical Standards and Legal Compliance

Every advertisement needs to abide by all relevant laws and rules.

Claims made in advertisements cannot be fraudulent, deceptive, or misleading.

Advertisements need to respect people’s privacy and not use it for their gain.

Brand Coherence

Advertisements have to be in line with’s principles and style.

Offensive, discriminatory, or otherwise damaging content is not allowed.

Approval Process

Before being published, every advertisement has to go through a review process and receive approval from our assigned staff.

Any advertisement that doesn’t adhere to our criteria may be rejected by at our discretion.

Creative and Copy Guidelines

Ads must follow our copy and graphic guidelines to guarantee a professional and brand-consistent presentation.

The text needs to be precise, well-written, and mindful of cultural differences.

Prohibited Content

The promotion of illicit goods or services is prohibited in advertisements.

It is completely forbidden to publish anything that encourages hatred, violence, or prejudice.

Modifications At any moment, may modify this policy to take into account modifications to our procedures or changes imposed by law.