Unveiling the Cast of Family Business: A Look Behind the Good Scenes

family business cast

Family Business is an engrossing television series that has attracted a devoted audience because of its complex storyline and compelling cast of characters. We’ll examine more closely the amazing cast that makes this captivating story come to life in this blog article.

The family Hazan

The Hazan family, with Jonathan Cohen playing the enterprising Joseph Hazan and Gérard Darmon as the patriarch Gérard Hazan, is the central character of the show. In her role as Aure Hazan, Julia Piaton excels, giving the familial dynamics more nuance and complexity.

Learning About Family Businesses

What Defines a Family Business?

A family business is owned, run, or both by multiple people in the same family. These businesses range from small mom-and-pop shops to large global companies. Some things that make them unique are:

Legacy: A lot of family companies have a long history that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Shared Values: Strong family ties help people have a common goal and set of values.

Complex Dynamics: It can be hard to balance family relationships with business choices.

Pros and cons

The pros

Long-Term Vision: Multigenerational stability is more important to family businesses than short-term gains.

Loyalty and Commitment: Family members often care a lot about the success of the business.

Flexibility: Because there are fewer levels of government, people often make decisions quickly and can change their minds.

Problems to solve

Transitioning leadership: to the next generation can be hard, so succession planning is important.

Resolution of Conflicts: The way families work can cause arguments that affect business choices.

Professionalization: Finding the right balance between old and new ways of doing business takes skill.

How to Handle Succession
How to Hand Over the Baton

Start Early: To make sure the shift goes smoothly, start planning for succession early.

Communication: It’s important to have an open conversation about roles, expectations, and duties.

Meritocracy: To keep things going well, balance family ties with raises based on performance.

Supporting Characters 

Without its supporting cast, no show is complete. Grandma Ludmila is portrayed by Liliane Rovère with warmth and wisdom, and Olivier Rosemberg’s portrayal of Olivier offers a lighthearted touch. Ali Benkikir and Ali Marhyar shine, and Louise Coldefy’s portrayal of Clémentine Cendron is not to be missed.

The Benkikir Off Family Business

The Benkikir family holds a significant position in the series, and Lina El Arabi gives an outstanding portrayal of Aïda Benkikir. The way Oussama Kheddam portrayed Youssef Benkikir gave the plot a fascinating twist.

The Law and Beyond

The graveyard keeper and the wholesaler are portrayed by Philippe Bertin and Manmathan Basky, respectively, demonstrating how the show can combine humor with its darker themes.

Guest Appearances

The renowned Enrico Macias makes a noteworthy guest appearance in “Family Business,” lending the show a sense of realism and celebrity force.

Behind the Scenes

The chemistry between the actors is evident both on and off film. Interviews and behind-the-scenes videos showcase a cohesive crew that gives viewers a plausible and captivating reality.


The ensemble cast of “Family Business” demonstrates its success. For lovers of both drama and comedy, the series is a must-watch because each actor contributes a distinct energy and viewpoint.


Who is Joseph Hazan’s main actor?

In “Family Business,” Jonathan Cohen portrays Joseph Hazan, the main character.

Is the show based on a real-life incident?

A realistic representation of family relationships and business issues is presented in “Family Business,” although it is not based on a genuine story.

What is the number of seasons in “Family Business”?

There are currently several seasons of the show, each of which goes further into the struggles and daily life of the Hazan family. Visit the official “Family Business” website to get the most recent information on the show.


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